28 10 / 2011

Community and Support Portal

Hello again,

Just informing you all that we now have a Support Forum up and running. This is a place where you’ll be able to ask for help as well as read guides, report bugs and request features. You being able to tell us what you want to see added to Hojoki is a very exciting prospect to us.

So far, we’ve integrated the following apps: Google Docs, Twitter, Delicious, Beanstalk and Ta-da List. We are currently in the process of adding Dropbox, Pivotal Tracker, Github, Highrise, and Google Calendar. 

Now you’ll have a place to suggest what you’d like to see in Hojoki. You can also see other people’s suggestions and add your support to them so we can find the apps with the highest demand. Just think to yourself, what would you really love to have in an integrated system? What do you really hate having to open a new tab for every time you want to check if something has changed? We’ll gather all your suggestions and prioritize based on what you guys think!

By Adam Bannister